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Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is blasting CNN for relying in large part on old polling to determine who makes their prime-time debate stage next month.   Full story
The woman who was being interviewed when a gunman opened fire on a news crew on live television remembers ducking bullets before she was shot in the back, a spokesman for her family told NBC News on Friday.  Full story
The questions posed to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by Fox News correspondent Ed Henry today in Minneapolis couldn’t have been more airtight.   Full story
No doubt, the killings of Alison Parker and Adam Ward have really shaken up fellow TV journalists from all over. And whenever a tragedy like this happens there are calls to action.  Full story
Once again, it's been proven that one small slip of a finger on a keyword can lead to embarrassing gaffes.  Full story
MSNBC scaled back its coverage of the 10th ­anniversary of Hurricane Katrina because Brian Williams “misremembered” that he saw a dead body float past his hotel while he was there.  Full story
“Bring me a plate of radishes.’’ ‘‘Yes, Mr. King.’’ ‘‘I don’t eat radishes, except when I’m at the Palm. It’s one of my rituals. Rituals are important.’’  Full story
Coverage of the Virginia shooting resulted in increased viewership for the cable news networks on Wednesday, especially Fox News, whose regular lineup produced its largest primetime viewership in the key news demo since April.  Full story
You'll have another choice for 4 p.m. news, starting Sept. 7.  Full story
Channel 7 has hired a multimedia journalist who has appeared on a TruTV reality series involving his Mississippi television station.  Full story
Donald Trump, a politician, and Jorge Ramos, a journalist, butted heads Tuesday night at a news conference in Iowa. Although politicians and journalists clash every day—exchanging insults and trading slights—this tussle has spilled into the quick-moving media stream because neither Trump nor Ramos is a normcore performer.  Full story
The cameraman who was killed in the on-air shooting in Virginia Wednesday filmed his attacker being fired from their news station two years prior, according to court records.  Full story
"Go back to Univision," Donald Trump said when Univision anchor Jorge Ramos tried to ask a question at a Tuesday evening press conference.  Full story
The horrific murders of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward live on WDBJ7 TV have, understandably, raised questions about responsible reporting.   Full story
The job offer seemed a promising start for Vester Flanagan: He would be a multimedia journalist using the name Bryce Williams at WDBJ making $17.31 an hour, or $36,000 yearly, in early 2012.  Full story
The live TV ambush murders of a reporter and photographer at WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, Va., have devastated the family-owned firm that owns the station.  Full story
NBC News reports that police found a to-do list, a wig, 17 stamped letters, a briefcase packed with three license plates, and six magazines of ammunition inside the car WDBJ gunman Vester Flanagan was driving before he fatally shot himself yesterday morning.  Full story
NBC News correspondent Jeff Rossen, who also regularly contributes to "Today," tweeted a photo showing some of the work being done on the lower floor of Studio 1A.  Full story
On “The Five” Wednesday, co-host Jesse Watters claimed that Univision’s Jorge Ramos behaved like “an illegal alien” when he attempted to ask Donald Trump questions about his immigration policy.  Full story
Well, we're at it again. We challenged viewers to help us reach 3 million followers on Twitter by the end of the week, and you helped us hit our goal well ahead of schedule! To celebrate, Wrangler will be making a three-city road trip this fall.  Full story
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