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McDreamy died, but WFTV-Channel 9 flourished.  Full story
Some interesting artwork has popped up on the streets surrounding ABC News’ Good Morning America studios in New York City.  Full story
A television reporter has maintained her composure as a live cross was interrupted on Friday by a man fighting arrest.  Full story
He's an acclaimed actor in Hollywood with a resume of well-known films and TV appearances.  Full story
Hispanic media company Univision Communications has acquired The Root, a top online destination for African-American news and commentary, in a bid to expand its reach to a new audience.  Full story
Just hours after his final show wrapped, David Letterman's set has already been hauled out to the proverbial curb.  Full story
Bill Simmons, founder of Grantland and recently unemployed sportswriter, isn’t on the hiring radar of two major sports networks right now, according to a new report.  Full story
Michael Smith‘s ESPN talk show, His & Hers, which he hosts with Charissa Thompson, is quickly becoming one of the more popular sports talk segments on ESPN. Probably because of things like this.  Full story
Longtime WTVR CBS 6 anchor Stephanie Rochon is gravely ill from her battle with cancer. Over the past nine months, many of you have called, emailed and contacted us through social media to ask what has happened to Stephanie.   Full story
Yet another high-profile TV newsman may find himself embroiled in controversy over his connections to the Clinton Foundation.  Full story
The recent disclosure that ABC News' anchorman George Stephanopoulos had donated $75,000 to the charitable Clinton Foundation shows the importance of conflicts of interest rules for journalists. Unfortunately, it also feeds the false conservative Republican myth that the media is liberally biased.  Full story
We’ve seen it before. The mistaken identity and people tweet at the wrong person with their outrage or support.  Full story
As we’ve noted before at The Watch, local news tends to sensationalize and fearmonger, especially when it comes to issues involving crime, sex, kids, drugs or some combination of the four.   Full story
A cricket reporter has earned a real ‘badge of honour’ after being whacked in the back by a hard-hitting New Zealand cricketer's stray ball.  Full story
In her job as co-anchor of WDAY-TV's First News, Lane Zyvoloski regularly reports on cases of domestic assault. She never thought she'd become a victim of such a crime.  Full story
In the early 1980s, now-retired WCCO-TV anchor Don Shelby partied and sang with B.B. King in the Minneapolis apartment of then-co-anchor Ann Rubenstein.  Full story
Veteran WFLA anchor/reporter Gayle Sierens signed off Wednesday night, after 38 years at the Tampa station.  Full story
NBC's Brian Williams has withdrawn from hosting a broadcast honoring those who support U.S. veterans and military families, and first lady Michelle Obama is stepping in to film an introduction instead.  Full story
CBS Corp. investors gather at New York's Museum of Modern Art for the company's annual meeting Thursday, its largest shareholder is expected to remain cloistered in his mansion in a gated enclave north of Beverly Hills.  Full story
A fraudulent study on peoples' attitudes towards gay marriage has forced several prominent news outlets to append corrections to their stories.  Full story
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